The revolutionary football measuring your football skills. 

The ultimate training tool to improve technique & become a better player!

Train your football skills like a pro!

The SKILLZA football has built-in microprocessors and motion sensors, measuring every move & touch a player makes. Results are displayed in real time on the SKILLZA app & SKILLZA coach app. It features a wide range of preset football drills, ranging from beginner to advanced.

Players see their performance history for each skill. The results and videos can be shared - the challenge is on. Move up on the leaderboard!

Coaches finally have the tool to measure and evaluate the technical skills of each teamplayer, and adjust training focus based on objective & easy-to-get data. Connect multiple balls at a time during training, and evaluate your players performances on the SKILLZA coach app & on the SKILLZA platform.

Welcome to the future of football, training will never be the same again!

For Players

Play, improve & share

  • More than 15 preset football drills
  • Counts while playing & keeps your history
  • Video function with live statistics
  • Compete on leaderboard
  • Break your records & share with friends
  • See your improvements per skill

For coaches

Measure, analyse & optimize

  • Coach app connects up to 8 balls at a time
  • Allows multiple players perform the drill
  • More than 15 preset football drills
  • Real time monitoring of players results
  • Web based platform providing feed of data
  • Highly detailed progression reports

The Skillza skills

Skillza features a range of football skills, selected and developed by professional football coaches.  Sensors inside the football measure every touch & movement, sending the performance results in real-time to the app. Ranging from beginners to expert level, each skill can be played for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or freestyle. New challenges and skills will be coming up regularly.
Have a look at the instruction videos, download the app & start training like a pro!


What's in the box

  • Smart football size 4 or 5
  • Charging base
  • Charging cable
  • Quickguide
Skillza is a registered trademark distributed by Djungwo bvba - contact@skillzafootball.com